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Monday Night Dance Safety Guidelines

The MND strives to create and maintain a community environment in which people are treated with dignity, decency and respect. All who come to the MND should be able to dance and socialize in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Wearing of face masks is strongly encouraged to prevent the spread of illness in our community, and courtesy toward those wearing masks is required. Bullying of any kind is not allowed, and degrading comments about things such as race, religion, culture, physical appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity, or masking choices will not be tolerated.


Our pledge is to ensure FOUR BASIC COURTESIES:

1. Respect
2. Kindness
3. Safety

4. Consent

We require everyone to follow these principles and sign in agreeing to our safety policies. If not followed, you will be asked to leave and may be asked not to return. Please feel free to speak with the organizer or volunteers if you feel as though these codes of conduct have been violated.

All reactions:

Procedure For Addressing Complaints

1. Let the violator know of your specific complaint and ask that they discontinue the behavior. If you are uncomfortable doing this, tell the organizers, and they will do it.
2. If behavior continues during the evening, report your concern to either the organizer and/or volunteer.
3. The organizer and a witness will then speak in private with the offender and the offended with the respectful intention of understanding the situation and resolving the issue with the following acceptable responses:
a) an apology expressed to the offended or to the Organizer with the acknowledgement that it did happen and no harmful intent.
b) there is no recollection of behavior but will offer apology saying that there was no harmful intent.

Unacceptable responses, such as denial or lack of apology for unintentionally harmful behavior, will result in either a warning to pay attention to behavior or a request that the offender leave the dance for the evening.

4. A permanent ban may result if the offender demonstrates disrespect for the organizer, witness and/or offended in the form of anger, aggression, insults, threatening comments, and/or disrespect of property and/or other dancers.
5. A permanent ban may be the result if the offender continues the inappropriate behavior at future dances.
6. The organizer has the discretion to bar anyone they feel is unsafe, including reports of inappropriate abusive physical or sexual behavior in the community outside the dance.

A written record of meeting will be placed in the MND Conflict Resolution Files.

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